Are you Owning a website and not Maintaining it?

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Many people ignore Website Maintenance. They feel the cost spent for maintaining a website is unused. Really!

Website Maintenance is required to keep your website functioning properly, relevant, and updated. Website maintenance should be done in a constant way in order to keep your website healthy and rank top on google. It also helps to engage and retain your customers.

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Why Website Maintenance Services is important?

Customers are online – If a website lack maintenance, it gives a negative impression of your company the customers will continue their research on the competitor’s website, and you could miss a sale.

Update your website’s look and feel – If your website doesn’t look professional, customers may think that your business is too.

Improves Security – Repairing the damage caused by cyber-attacks is too costly and you may lose customers

Improves Search Engine Rankings – Persistent technical issues, outdated website structure, and security issues will lead to low SEO ranking

Why website maintenance services is important?

What is included in website maintenance and services?

Monthly/weekly/daily Backups: If anything goes wrong with your website you can always restore it to the previous version of the working website.

Website Monitoring: Always monitor your website for internal errors.

Plugins for Browser: Visitors may use different browsers and different devices. Ask your developers to develop plugins for different browsers.

Google Analytics: It is necessary to check how users interact with your website.

Security Updates: Websites can be vulnerable to malware attacks. They can influence the CMS, operating system, and databases.

Boost SEO: SEO Optimization for your website.

Website Maintenance and Services list

Let’s discuss the ways of maintaining the website

Choose the right person to build a website

You can have your own dedicated employees who focus only on website maintenance. But hiring experts from various technologies such as web designers, content writers, and domain and server managers will cost you more than our annual website maintenance cost.

You can choose a freelance developer. You can easily pay only one person but remember that one person should maintain the whole website. This leads to quality compromise.

Choose a reputed website design and maintenance company that acquires a team of professionals who can work on your requirements. Maintenance reports will be provided habitually. Zimozi offers budget-friendly website maintenance packages.

Cost of Website Maintenance

Website maintenance cost

The maintenance cost depends on the type of website.

 If it is a personal website, the maintenance cost will be low ($100 to $300 per month) as the website does not have bigger traffic and lesser needs.

A small business website needs repeated maintenance and backups so the maintenance cost will be $100-$300 per month.

An E-Commerce website and corporate website needs regular backups and technical support as the content of the website is more including customer information. So, the cost will be high ($200-$1000 per month).

Additional charges may include website renewal, website hosting, and an SSL certificate.

Know more about Website Maintenance Services offered by Reputed Company

  • Check for any broken links
  • Enhancing the loading speed of the website
  • Updating software
  • Checking and correcting Internal Errors
  • Updating the webpage content
  • Concern about website design (Correcting layouts, and themes)
  • Scan for malware inclusion
  • Boost SEO
  • Supporting blog posts
  • Website Hosting
  • Domain Name Renewal


Maintenance is a good investment by all means”.

Get unlimited standard support from Zimozi. Invest with us, as we have a team of professionals who cares for your website and provide a detailed report for updates. For any queries reach us at or use the comment section below.

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